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Binary Option Robot – main features, complete review

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option Robot |

The Binary Option Robot has gained real sympathies from the users around the world. Because of its flexibility and reliability it became the proud owner of the best binary option trading software. But, what exactly are its features and how does it work?

Firstly, every experienced trader needs some help from binary options brokers, from time to time, when trading binary options. This software represents a mean to achieve successful trading and to minimize the loss.

You will only have to choose binary option broker based on your own preferences, but this software even provides you that, on its platform you will have the opportunity to select listed licensed brokers and enjoy your trading.

The Binary Option Robot has six sections: trade settings, risk level, assets, reverse trading, signal providers and expiration time.

Once you decide to use robot, you will be required to link accounts, which means, your account on the robot and your account on the binary broker should stay connected. In this way the software will be able to perform all task you appoint to it.

Trade settings – this section is designed for traders to manage their trade size, how many trades they will have per day and to stop their daily loss.

Assets – in this section traders will decide which asset they will choose to follow and which signals they will accept. They will have an option to search historically and see which asset has big success rate and which doesn’t. It’s a great mean to avoid unsuccessful assets.

Reverse trading – is the feature that makes this robot so powerful tool, but it should be used with caution. When trader sees the provider that generates the bad signal, he can reverse the trading and make money from it.

Risk level – the traders will have the opportunity to choose four different levels, from green to red. Where green represents low risk and red high risk. You will be able to search historical results for risks that are considered to be high, medium, moderate and low risk. Expiry time – this section is designed for traders to allow the robot to place trades on their behalf within arranged time. You will be able to choose from 60 seconds to five minutes. Even though short term trades have its benefits, all traders should take cautious approach.

Signal providers – the robot has currently five available signal providers, initially, it had three. All of this signals have their names, but the basis for the signals aren’t shown. What traders use are historical results to determine which signal is good and which one is bad.

It is troublesome to determine the actual results of the software, because of its many options. If one trader programs the software to trade low risk signals on weekly basis on Euro against USD, then those results will be different from the trader who decides to use high risk signals.

Because of complete control that trader has over this software, this robot became so popular and well praised.

Binary Option Robot – first sophisticated binary option software

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Money |

This software is the world’s best auto trading program for binary options. There are many reasons why this software took the first place and we are going to review one of its best features.

Traders don’t need to download anything on their computers, or mobile devices, because it is fully web based, it has many useful tools, that will provide you real enjoyment and secure trading.

Binary Option Robot took trading onto another level – besides, you don’t need to download anything, this robot works through API connection, so even when you are offline, the software will place the trades instead of you. You will only need to sing up with a free account and open a new account at the listed broker and you are ready for trading. Program even provides you a list of trusted brokers, so you won’t have to worry about your investments and money because all these brokers are licensed and regulated by the law.

Once you set up the initial parameters and deposit the money, you can simply turn off the computer and do your everyday task and let the robot do your job.

Binary Option Robot supports several trusted brokers and they are mostly based in Europe, but some of them are from the USA. When you sing up with the program the software will automatically choose the appropriate broker based on your geographical location and create an account there, so traders do need to do anything, except to click the button and load the money.

Username and password will be delivered to your e-mail account. If you wish to open more than one accounts, you can always choose that option later, because robot supports this feature.

In this way, you will be able to monitor several brokers and spot the best offers. Each of them has minimal and maximal deposit that you will need to comply. For example, 24option min is $24, max is $50,000, Banc De Binary min $1, max is $200, No1option min is $25, max is $200, Tradorax min is $20, max is $200, Exbino min is $25, max is $200, Finpari min is $20, max is $200, Porter Finance min is $20, max is $200, Cherry Trade min is $25, max is $200, GOptions min is $25, max is $200, RBoptions min is $5, max is $200, RBinary min is $25, max is $200, EmpireOption min is $25, max is $1000.

In order to see how this robot performs, trades will need to go a signal tab on their website and only select the signal provider, choose a level of risk and binary option broker and they will be able to see how this amazing software generates the signals. Because of its transparency, traders will have the opportunity to see how some signals behave, are they good or bad and from there they will be able to decide how to act. All this can be done through history tab. Trader will have the opportunity to limit daily loss as well as to use reverse trading.

In case you are interested more in this subject – See Here.

Binary Option Robot – complete review

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option Robot |

Binary Option Robot imposed itself as a successful solution when trading binary options. We can’t find many auto – trading software that have all its features brought to perfection, but this one really ace it in everything. At , this software is highly ranked – and the rank is based on user’s reviews and personal opinions. So, what exactly is Binary Option Robot?

Metaphorically said, it an auto – trading program that allows you to relax and enjoy your day, while it collects the profit instead of you. The program is mainly focused on currency trading, it is excellent for international traders, but not for U.S traders because they are restricted from using it.

Traders don’t need to download this software in order to use it, you just need to open a free account at their official webpage and follow the procedure regarding sing up. You will have the opportunity to customize settings based on your own preferences and then the program will trade instead of you. More advanced traders can program the software and generate successful trades.
The great thing is that this program allows you to receive free signals, you must be wondering what’s free today? But, there is a catch, in order to get these free signals, you need to open an account at one of its listed brokers before you start trading. Considering they have Banc de Binary and 24Options among them, your investment is secure and in the right hands, because these two are one of the best platforms in the world when it comes to trading binary options. So, you will see from there, that there isn’t a catch because all these brokers are trusted, licensed and regulated by the law. It is a win – win combination for everyone.

Binary Option Robot has all its result transparent, which is a great advantage, their trading history is made to be public. When you see results that are only profit, you should look on other side and run, because they are likely to be that, seek results that have averages successful rate between 70 and 80%.

This robot has some really good features, for example: reverse trading – if you don’t agree with the robot’s choice you can order it to trades the other way around and place the trades for you.

You can stop the loss – this is an excellent addition, you can use this to limit your daily loss, or to stop trading for a certain day.

VIP account has some feature that standard account doesn’t have, such as risk level settings. There are four risk levels, high, moderate, medium and low. If you are an owner of the standard account, the robot will place trades no matter what type of risk level it is, but if you have VIP account, you will be able to choose which level of risk, from this four, you wish to trade. You can trade only low-level signals if you want.

How to get VIP account, this robot has a referral program, which means if you recommend it to some of your friends, you all will get few months of free VIP membership.

Binary Option Robot – best available results

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Finance |

This software is specially designed for binary trading options, many trades around the world use this tool as a help with this type of trading. The great advantage of this software is that automatically places the trades, when secures the connection with a broker that you have chosen. On the other hand, every trader will have the possibility to trade with binary options manually and in that way to secure maximum control over the program.

Many traders prefer to use this type of robot because it has six different technical indicators that provide signals, those indicators are MACD, RSI, Trend, Williams, Stochastics and CCI.

Once you sign in for a free account and set up initial parameters, your account will start to receive these signals. One important thing, before you start to receive these signal, you will need to change immediately some indicators, you will also have to choose the currency pair, time of expiration and how much does that trade values.

This robot supports three popular systems of trading, so you will be able to choose any of these systems, based on your own preferences. For example, a classical system will provide you to trade same amounts very day, Martingale system will enlarge your trading amount after a loss, while the Fibonnaci system will increase your trading amount after every gain. It is good to see how this robot allows its trader to choose any system that works best for them.

On their webpage, you will find success rate to be 85%, but the real deal is from 70 to 75 percent, which is still really good. Traders should avoid 5 minutes and 60 seconds trades because a success rate is much larger with trades that have a good expiry time, for example: 15 and 30 minutes.

Considering good signals, traders should avoid one minute and five minutes’ signals because they often know to be inaccurate. On the other hand, other signals are known to be very accurate. You don’t need to wait for the signals because they are sent regularly and this is one of the biggest advantages of this robot.

This broker provides you list of the verified brokers, so even if you have ever had a doubt about its honesty, this will definitely put your mind at ease. You will have the opportunity to choose between ten various brokers and among them are Banc de Binary and 24Option.

If you find some difficulties while using your account on their webpage, you can always contact them through live chat, or through a contact form. They also provide very helpful tutorials.
Some of the robots may offer you better deals, but Binary Option Robot has won constantly for the last two years an award for the best available binary options trading software.

You will only have to log in onto your account, set up the parameters and let the robot do its job, while you are relaxing and doing some other things. You don’t need to be even online, because the robot works in the background and brings you successful results. All of this is true and you can check it out in binary option robot review.

Achieve 92% successful rate wilt Binary Option Robot

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Binary Option Robot |

Since 2012, when this robot was developed for the first time, many things have changed, for example, it became the best available binary option robot on the market, now it’s free, but we are not sure how long that will last, considering its great popularity.

With every passing year, it has mastered some of its features and it’s getting better and better. After the long testing period, this robot has launched auto trading service that generates a signal that has a new provider, which allow traders to have extremely high rates of success in binary options trading.

With these new signals, that were developed by the highly educated financial experts, Binary Option Robot now has the option to generate excellent and precise signals that are directly transformed into trader’s account at the chosen broker.

First innovation regarding this robot, it’s that it doesn’t require any kind of download and it is completely web based. After that, this robot has provided its users to use listed broker at its webpage without going on brokers page to log in. Recently, developers added a trading room, so now a trader has an opportunity to trade manually from the dashboard. After these few listed features, it isn’t hard to understand why this robot became so popular.

With this new improved provider, Binary Option Robot is able to generate at least eight binary options trades per day. Traders now can expect the successful rate out of 92%, depending which trading profile they use. By presenting these new options and their possible risks, Binary Option Robot has set up the standard. If you decide to use default settings, which include generated signals, or differently called the portfolio of high risk, you will be able to set up trades that have 78% of success in a short time. All these signals also have an expiry time, so you should be careful when accepting them.

For now, only the traders of VIP accounts can use these services and use advantages of portfolio risk selection. So, the users who prefer the lower trades and risk will have to become VIP members in order to use this feature.

Their site also provides benefits for new users, they will have an opportunity to become VIP members, which will include access to this portfolio. All you need to do is to deposit money at some of the listed brokers on Binary Option Robot platform and you will directly gain access to VIP membership.

One of the very important features of this program is that is totally free, and you don’t need to pay anything, except your deposit. Their platform supports mobile devices and computers, as well as Windows and Mac. Once you set up all required settings, you can simply turn off your computer and continue your daily tasks, because the robot will place the trades instead of you.
You will have the opportunity to limit you daily loss and amount of investment. In this way you will hardly end up in some financial trouble and in risk of losing everything.